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We could throw up fancy words that could eloquently describe the depth and breadth of Tom’s experience, but that’s not how we operate. Tom’s a fun-loving guy who happens to be pretty amazing at law. Professionally he started off as an electrical engineer working mainly in systems and software. Throughout his life, he has had a passion for music and continues to perform as a guitarist in a local country band as well as in a praise and worship band at his church. He combines his technical skill and his passion for music by repairing amps and other equipment.

B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering | The Ohio State University

Juris Doctor | Capital University School of Law

Registered Patent Attorney No. 46,867

Ohio Attorney Registration No. 69,432



Brian’s like your cool uncle who always wanted to have a good time when he came around, but you knew had his stuff together back home. After a 12-year electrical engineering career in Silicon Valley, Chicago and Dayton, he followed up with a law degree.”. His legal history and experience are rich with awards and accolades. Brian enjoys long days on the greens swinging his favorite clubs, strumming his guitar and watching football.

B.E.E. Degree in Electrical Engineering | University of Dayton

Juris Doctor & Master of Laws | University of Dayton

Registered Patent Attorney No. 67,840

Ohio Attorney Registration No. 86,985

The Supporting Squad.

Who wants to work alone, when you can have a team like this…


Tony Stark

Taking Stark Industries over at a young age Tony has not only been an avid inventor but has handwritten all his own patents.


Elon Musk

Elon Musk has kept our partnership busy with his recent ventures in the Hyperloop, SpaceX, Telsa and his other ventures.


Harry Aubrey Toulmin Sr.

Famous for his work with Orville and Wilbur and his contribution to patents in flight he is still a pioneer patent lawyer.


We are experienced in all aspects of intellectual property, we have extensive practical engineering experience and we understand the realities of business. It’s all about listening first, then applying knowledge and craftsmanship to solve problems and create solutions with a commitment to quality and results.

Practice Areas

✓ Software Arts
✓ Electrical Arts
✓ Electro-Mechanical Arts
✓ Mechanical Arts
✓ Optical Arts
✓ Many others…

We’ve worked on cool stuff from night vision to explosives down to the seemingly boring but incredibly important areas of semiconductors and server systems. Give us a call and see if we’re up for taking your ideas on, we bet we will be.  

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