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We are dedicated to the practice of intellectual property law, and providing straightforward, thorough, high-quality representation to our clients. We pride ourselves on being creative with precision. Our expectation is that our clients will demand and receive nothing short of technical excellence.


✓ Searches & Opinions
✓ Preparation
✓ Prosecution
✓ USA and Throughout the World
✓ Strategy & Counseling
✓ Portfolio management
✓ Patent Licensing

Further, we offer freedom to operate, design around, validity, and infringement opinions as well as provide litigation support.


✓ Trademark Strategy
✓ Counseling
✓ Preparation
✓ Prosecution of Applications
✓ Trademark Litigation

We can help you navigate through the process of selecting a strong, protectable mark. We will help you to understand, where necessary, the implications of intellectual property and branding.


✓ Strategy & Planning
✓ Copyright Registration
✓ Copyright Infringement Opinions
✓ Licensing

We can help with licensing, negotiating contracts, negotiating rights such as reversion rights and other matters.